New Batman Begins Movie Updates

‘Peter’ tells us that the Tumbler from Batman Begins visited a circuit in The Netherlands today. You can view pictures and footage of the event here. Speaking of the Tumbler, ‘millennium movies’ sent in four links to promo pictures of the Batmobile. You can view those here, here, here and here.

Also, ‘Matt’ from Legions of Gotham sent in an update on the Wal-Mart event:

Just letting you know some more info on that Wal-Mart in-store event on June 18th. There will be kiosks set up throughout the store. Each person will be given a folder with a medallion or coin (plastic) and will visit each kiosk to learn about the various Batman weapons, while collecting yet unknown prizes (likely stickers, mini posters etc).

For a picture of the folder and the kiosk, you can visit the link above. Thanks for ‘Chris’ for that info as well.

And this link says that on June 11th, East Coast Paintball of Barberville, FL will be hosting one the nationwide promotional paintball events for Batman Begins. The company will be giving away theater tickets, video games, posters and other movie memorabilia.

Source: Superhero Hype!