New Batman Begins Movie Updates! has posted two positive reviews for Christopher Nolan’s anticipated Batman Begins, hitting theaters and IMAX on Wednesday. You can read the first review here and the second one here.

Want to see more footage? TheOneNetwork has posted nine clips from the film, while you can watch 11 minutes of B-roll footage in Windows Media format here and in Real format here.

‘gaster’ alerted us to some new updates on the official website:

Front page has replaced Update with email update, which will open a window with a registration form. In the flash site gone is the update, but now includes new pages for production notes (coming soon) and the soundtrack. The soundtrack opens a window, with a preview of some of the tracks. In addition, the front page shows a link for showtimes and tickets.

‘Ron’ tells us the direct link to the soundtrack site can be found here.

‘Anthony’ also took great pictures of one of the Tumblers (aka the Batmobile) that was on display at the Toronto Eaton Centre this weekend.

Just a few days left now…

Source: Superhero Hype!