New Batman Begins Set Report!

‘Munier Sharrieff’ also got a glimpse of the Batman Begins filming in Chicago and sent in this report…

Just got back home from an all night view of filming on “Batman Begins”. Action started around 12:30 am with test runs of the Tumbler/Batmobile and two GCPD black and whites on Lower Wacker near Dearborn. A p.a. told my friend and I that a police chase would be the footage they were shooting tonight.

This new Batmobile is awesome, very scary and may I dare say–intimidating. There’s nothing playful or toy-like about it. And the sound, it will haunt me for a while. It sounded like an entire pack of Harley Davidsons mixed with a swarm of pissed-off killer bees.

Anyway, around 4:45 am the police chase commenced with a black SUV serving as a camera truck. Several pedestrian cars followed. They made two thunderous runs and the crew wrapped around 5:30 am. I’m a commercial director who’s been on a lot of sets/shoots—this one was the coolest.

Thanks for the report!

Source: Munier Sharrieff