Exclusive Batman Begins Chicago Set Report!

Scooper ‘StarzGuy’ was able to witness the filming of Batman Begins in Chicago on Friday and sent in an exclusive report, including pictures!

Like many workers in downtown Chicago, we received a notice from “The Intimidation Game” location manager that filming was to take place Friday thru Sunday on Lower Wacker Drive (and surrounding streets), from 7 PM to 5AM each day. I went down to Lower Wacker and N. Michigan, and saw the movie location no parking signs posted. Lower Wacker borders the Chicago River, so one could have a vantage point from the State Street Bridge if need be.

I moved into position right along Lower Wacker, and within 10 minutes was chased out by security. However, I was able to get off a shot or two of the crew assembling a fake drainage/steam pipe that was swung into position extending a bit into the road (my guess is it will be knocked off during one of the takes).

When the sun had fully set, there was activity (finally). I was hoping for (at best) possibly viewing some moving vehicle camera shots (from The Tumbler’s POV). The first take was exactly that! A black SUV fitted with a boom camera up over it’s roof and positioned in front of the hood made a pass with about 12 other vehicles. It took me by surprise and I missed the shot! However, since that section of Lower Wacker ends less than a quarter mile from my vantage point, they would need to turn around. It did and made a pass traveling in the opposite direction. 20 Minutes elapsed. Then, a flurry of cars came back down Lower Wacker, followed by…The Tumbler/Batmobile (with the Black SUV following right on it’s tail). The return came back 10 minutes later, with The Tumbler weaving in and around the other moving vehicles.

I moved across the bridge, and down the stairs to a vantage point 30 feet away from Lower Wacker. I was able to capture the action of The Tumbler again weaving in and out of traffic, followed by the SUV camera truck.

I started heading back to the foot of Lower Wacker and North Michigan, when I noticed that all the stunt cars were parked there, along with The Tumbler. I grabbed a few shots of the vehicle as it made a U-Turn to shoot another take.

A few notes about The Tumbler:

– Despite looking huge in the publicity photos, it is in fact very small. Maybe 11-12 feet long, and low to the ground.

– It’s matte black- Nothing shiny at all on it’s surface.

– Entry to The Tumbler is by a hatch on the roof, which opens up facing the front of the vehicle.

– It’s awfully cool looking! Fans will love this vehicle in action.

– It’s loud.

Again, keep up the great work on the site!

Source: StarzGuy