Where Does X3 Stand Without Singer?

‘a1ant’ from X Ultimate with some updates on X-Men 3 now that director Bryan Singer is no longer on board (or at least it seems that way)…

Our top source has updated us with new info regarding X3’s status, and the deals with Industrial Light & Magic to do the film effects:

“An update I am sending about ILM possibly doing the visual effects for X-MEN 3. The offer has been made, but ILM has not recieved any official news from Fox that there is going to be an X-MEN 3. Despite promises here and there. My sources tell me that the actors have not been approached about doing a third movie. There is no script for the movie, and Bryan’s [Singer] story idea for the third movie seems to have gone missing. I don’t know what to make of it. However, over at Marvel’s official website, Avi Arad is supposed to be giving a Marvel Movie update, with a special webcast on July 29. This appears to be the only real, solid news I can give you.”

We contacted John Ottman (X2 composer, editor) regarding the recent news that Bryan Singer was attached to do SUPERMAN. Seeing as how Ottman has worked with Singer on most of his films as composer/ editor, we also asked about his involvement with the film:

“I wish I knew the answers to your questions [re: X3], believe me! I don’t think anyone knows the state of X3 right now given the SUPERMAN situation. Obviously I very much want to continue with my score to X-MEN and expand upon established, etc. As for anything else, I really can’t discuss any specifics for a few weeks as things conjeal.”

We’ll keep you updated as more comes in, stay tuned.

Source: Superhero Hype!