Details on the Hellboy Director’s Cut

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment releases the 2-disc Hellboy DVD today (Tuesday), and fans can also expect a director’s cut later this year. USA Today has more details…

But just in time for Halloween, an even spiffier version arrives. It’s a three-disc director’s cut with 15 minutes of extra footage sliced from the theatrical release, as well as improved bonus materials. The first, del Toro says, “is for the fan of the movie; the second will be for the collector.”

Del Toro was motivated by both vision and viewer. Hellboy’s deluxe version will include not only more plot details, but also unusual bonus materials, such as a ROM feature that will allow fans to read and download the screenplay.

Says del Toro: It has “a lot of extras I felt would be really great to have as a collector. … It’s really loaded.”

Stay tuned for more on the director’s cut as it becomes available.

Source: USA Today