Report From Batman Begins Chicago Casting Call

Scooper ‘Bats’ shared the following with us about the casting call in Chicago for Batman Begins

I just got back from the open casting call for “The Intimidation Game” (“Batman Begins” of course) here in Chicago.

Not much to report there except that when you got there, you filled out a card asking for your personal information. Then you waited in a line for a few minutes. And then you were escorted into another room where the casting director was.

The casting director talked to our group explaining the name of the film (“The Intimidation Game”) & that they were looking for all types of people for non-speaking roles (especially 2 yr. old twins). That was all she knew about the film she said (which I don’t fully believe because when she said the name of the film, she was also smirking as if she knew the real title).

While there, I also heard that they were looking for people with dark colored cars & possibly others for a S.W.A.T. team seen the movie.

After that, we handed in our cards & pics in at a table, and then left. All in all, the whole process took maybe 10-15 min.

Filming starts July 30th & runs until the end of August. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that call.

Source: Bats