20th Century Fox Has 3 of the 4 Fantastic Four

Variety reports that 20th Century Fox has nearly found its Fantastic Four

Studio has signed Michael Chiklis to play Ben Grimm/the Thing, Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and Chris Evans as Johnny Storm/the Human Torch. And Jessica Alba, currently shooting Dimension’s “Sin City,” has emerged as most likely to play Sue Richards/the Invisible Woman, though Rachel MacAdams and Keri Russell are also candidates.

“We see ‘Fantastic Four’ as the last great jewel in the comicbook crown,” said Fox production prexy Hutch Parker. “The casting has been extremely important in terms of fulfilling expectations of an audience that’s been incredibly loyal to these characters for over 40 years.”

The trade adds that the $85 million-$90 million film, directed by Tim Story, is headed for an August or September start in Vancouver. The planned release date is July 1, 2005, when it will face off against Paramount’s “Mission: Impossible 3.” The script was written by Simon Kinberg.

Source: Variety