Tons of Elektra Info!

Here are a few interesting tidbits of info that we picked up on our visit to the set of Elektra in Vancouver:

– Colin Farrell has offered to do a cameo as Bullseye if the part was good. They talked about bring Ben Affleck back for a cameo, but it looks like there will only be a passing reference to him in the film.

– They are currently in talks with Evanesence to do a song specifically written for Elektra.

– The film is primarily based on Frank Miller’s Elektra stories and the Elektra and Wolverine story.

– Elektra goes through several costume changes in the film, one of which is reminiscent of the traditional red outfit. However, due to the fact that it would be hard to realize on screen (much less fight in), it is slightly different than the comic version. The costume has long pants, but the same top and head cover as in the comics. You can check out the first picture of the costume at USA Today.

Also, here’s a brief cast listing matching the actors to the characters:

Jennifer Garner as Elektra Natchios

Goran Visnjic as Mark Miller

Kirsten Prout as Abby Miller

Terence Stamp as Stick

Colin Cunningham as McCabe

Jason Isaacs as DeMarco

Hiro Kanagawa as Kinkou

Will Yun Lee as Kirigi

Natassia Malthe as Typhoid Mary

Bob Sapp as Stone

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Roshi

? as Tengu

In the process of researching for this story, I found the following post at a Jennifer Garner forum. Most of the information here seems to be correct though there are a couple of errors. Major spoilers follow, so proceed at your own risk. Enjoy!

A casting agent from the new Elektra movie emailed me and asked me to pop this up on the site:


Filming in: Vancouver, Canada

CAST, Joe Pantoliano, Jennifer Garner

PROD, Mark Steven Johnson, Gary Foster, Avi Arad; SCR, Raven Metzner,

Stuart J. Zicherman.

Shoot Dates: May 3, 2004 (in Vancouver).


Mark Miller: 28-38. A good looking guy, Mark lives on Harbor Island with his daughter, Abby. A widower, Mark is a nice, likeable, friendly man who is introduced to Elektra by his daughter. Seemingly a clueless civilian, Mark is actually Elektra’s latest target, having been sentenced to death by The Hand (an organization of merciless and deadly ninja assassins) for something his grandfather did. Protected by Elektra, who has fallen hard for Mark, he is revealed to be less than the agenda-free regular guy he has seemed to be; in fact, he has allied himself with Stick, Elektra’s former sensei, and is somewhat capable of defending himself. But Mark is not up to facing Kirigi, The Hand’s master assassin and would-be leader, and in the end, Mark is dependent on Elektra for protecting him from certain death.

Abby Miller: 13. Abby dresses like a typical girl her age, but she doesn’t act like one. She’s confident and street-smart, and clearly has done a lot of her own parenting. Probing and a bit over-aggressive, she’s the daughter of Mark Miller; her mother is dead. She forces her way into Elektra ‘s life, and introduces Elektra to her father, a piece of matchmaking that works out well. Not very feminine at all, but with athletic grace and a well-hidden beauty, Abby goes on the run with her father when Elektra balks at killing them both, and becomes their protector instead. In fact, Abby (like her father) is concealing a big secret: she’s well aware that she’s a target of The Hand, and has trained with Stick to protect her father and herself. A gifted young martial artist, Abby assists Elektra in her war against Kirigi and his assassins.

Kirigi: One of the members of The Hand, Kirigi is younger than some of the other Ninja leaders, but he’s a power-hungry reactionary who wants to lead the assassin clan. He favors the old ways and dresses the part, wearing the traditional robes of a Zen monk. He has the hardened scowl of a warrior and is trailed by an intimidating entourage of killers. Unpredictable and frightening, determined to lead the council of The Hand, Kirigi accepts the assignment to kill Mark Miller, knowing that his chance at leading the shadow world of killers depends on his success. Furious when Elektra eliminates his hand-picked killers, one by one, Kirigi ultimately faces off against the female Gai-jin killer.

Tengu: One of Kirigi’s team of four Ninja assassins, Tengu is covered in animal tattoos, which mysteriously shift and move on his skin. Able to morph his tattoos into living creatures that do his bidding, Tengu uses his creatures as scouts to spy on Mark and Elektra. Under Kirigi’s orders, he uses his powers of concentration to pursue Kirigi’s enemies, but winds up killed in a one-on-one fight with Stick; Kinkou: Another member of Kirigi’s team of assassins, Kinkou is a teenage punk in leather, a dangerous killer who can easily maintain his balance on the roof of a speeding SUV. Ruthlessly intent on eliminating Elektra, he winds up stabbed in the stomach by her and is later decapitated by Kirigi for his failure to complete his mission; Stone: The third member of Kirigi’s quartet of Ninja assassins, Stone is an enormous man who seems to cause the very floor to buckle as he walks. A man whose flesh seems to be made of stone, who cannot be cut by Elektra’s sais, Stone is tough but not agile. He winds up crushed by an oncoming garbage truck.

Typhoid: The fourth member of Kirigi’s team of master assassins, Typhoid is a woman wearing a kimono and the porcelain white mask of an actress in a Noh play. A woman whose kiss is poisonous, Typhoid uses her body to kill McCabe, reducing him to a feverish corpse, and later tries to do the same to Elektra. But Typhoid underestimates Abby, and winds up with a broken neck, courtesy of a 13 year old girl.

Roshi: An old Japanese man, who wears the black robes of a Japanese monk, Roshi is the leader of the council of The Hand. An elderly Asian assassin who has long had an amiable competition with Stick, Roshi is challenged for the head of The Hand by the ambitious and aggressive Kirigi. When Kirigi fails in his attempt to kill Elektra, Roshi coolly orders him to commit seppuku, and shows his mastery of martial arts when Kirigi attacks him.

Meizumi: An older high-ranking Asian gangster, a member of The Hand, he is appalled by Kirigi’s efforts to take over the leadership of The Council, and supports Roshi against Kirigi. He has already tried and failed to kill Mark and Abby.

Source: Scott Chitwood