Jennifer Garner Elektra Wardrobe Malfunction
(Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Jennifer Garner: Elektra Wardrobe Malfunction Was Always Close to Happening

While 2003’s Daredevil isn’t the most beloved superhero movie, it did introduce Jennifer Garner‘s take on Elektra, which was successful enough for the assassin to get her own spin-off movie. In a recent interview, the actress discussed how many Elektra wardrobe malfunctions almost happened while filming.

Jennifer Garner Elektra wardrobe malfunctions almost happened in Daredevil

In a sit-down interview with Glamour, Garner reflected on her most iconic looks in movies. This included her role as Elektra.

“I had so many chicken cutlet fake boobs in to make Elektra’s boobs,” said Garner of the Elektra wardrobe malfunction risks. “I think there were like three on each side of different sizes, and everything was pushed up and out.”

“I was just this close to a wardrobe malfunction at all times,” revealed Garner. “There’s not enough tape in the world to make this stuff safe.”

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson, Daredevil was released in 2003 to a mixed response, although the acting performances received praise. It would ultimately make $179 million on a $78 million budget, paving the way for Elektra to come out in 2005. However, despite a strong performance by Garner, the spin-off movie was a failure as it only brought in $57 million against a budget that was between $43-65 million.