Linda Carter Talks Wonder Woman

TV Guide spoke with Linda Carter about her days as Wonder Woman:

“TV Guide Online: Uh, I’m one of those guys who drooled over you when I was a kid.

Lynda Carter: I think that’s very cool. You know, I like Wonder Woman, too. I thought she was the bomb, as my daughter would say.

TVGO: Wonder Woman was kind of the full package, huh?

Carter: What I was hoping for was that men would see that women could be a lot of things: She was beautiful, smart and able to kick ass but also a good egg. It wasn’t just about how she looked.

TVGO: How often do you hear the theme song?

Carter: It’s kind of my “Hail to the Chief.” They play it whenever I’m around.

TVGO: Who’d win in a fight between you and the Bionic Woman?

Carter: The Bionic Woman and I would never be fighting. We’d be on the same side. If they had to, I would say that there’s no way that Wonder Woman could be defeated because of her heart.”

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Source: TV Guide