Spider-Man 2 Rocks!! Oh, and New Updates Too…

The Superhero Hype! crew got a chance to catch Spider-Man 2 this morning and… it’s a masterpiece! We’ll have a full review up shortly, but some quick thoughts are that the story is excellent, the special effects are incredible, the acting is superb, there is a nice balance between unbelievable action, comedy, and drama, and it’s 127 minutes long. The movie also sets up the third film very nicely! Congrats to Sam, the cast, the entire crew, and Sony for creating the best film of the year.

Also, for some quick updates. ‘JohnDoe’ pointed us to Rainmakers who are going to auction off props and wardrobes from Spider-Man 2 on eBay. They have previously sold lots of props and screenworn wardrobes form Hellboy. Currently they are auctioning off items from “50 First Dates”.

‘Raoul_Duke’ and ‘Chris A’ also reminded us that the “Spider-Man 2: HBO First Look” premieres tonight at 10:45pm Easter time.

Source: Superhero Hype!