The Blade Clip on the MTV Movie Awards!

‘spanish39’ wrote in about the Blade: Trinity clip that just aired on the MTV Movie Awards pre-show…

So MTV just showed the new Blade: Trinity teaser. I have to say it was cool. It’s a little wierd to see “Van Wilder” beating ass, but I think I can get used to it. As for the teaser, It started with Blade walking down in a hall in what is an office building. 2 guys come out to attack him and get a beat down. Switch to Ryan Reynolds, he is punching guys and then flips one over. Cut to Jessica Biel, firing arrows at everyone, she seems out of place in all this for some reason. The rest of the teaser is Snipes and Reynolds shooting at guards. Just as Biel get ready to run off down a hall she fires an arrow and it bounces off a pole i the cornor of the hall and right into a guard. As they make their way out of the building they get to a door and it’s locked. Biel yells out, “This way”, Blade takes his own route leaving Biel and Reynolds confused. They both head out of the building only to be greeted by cops. Blade then shatters a window quite a few stories up and lands on the ground behind Reynolds and Biel. Blade says, “I forgot my sword”. End of teaser. Can’t tell a lot other than the fighting seems the same as the last three so that element is still great as always. Looking forward to seeing it on-line.

Source: spanish39