Warner Bros. Negotiates Catwoman Tie-Ins

‘Catwoman2004’ sent in this news spotted at Adweek

Warner Bros. has negotiated tie-ins with the Diamond Trading Co., Jaguar, Allied Domecq’s Kahla, Eastman Kodak, Coca-Cola, Kay Jewelers and others for its July release of Catwoman. The PG-13-rated film skews somewhat older, giving such brands the chance to latch on to the wide demographic appeal of star Halle Berry (news) and the DC Comics character. Revlon, for whom Berry is a national spokeswoman, is not involved with the film. In the movie, Catwoman steals a diamond ring and asks a bartender to hold the Kahla. Jaguar is the most visible car in the film. Kodak will reward Web site customers with a free movie ticket; Coke will sponsor a 44-ounce Catwoman soda cup; Kay Jewelers will support the release with in-store materials and sweepstakes.

Source: Adweek