Mondo 12-Inch Animated Catwoman Figure Available April 16th

Most toy collectors have a size preference, be it detail heavy quarter-scale, or tiny, vehicle compatible 1:18. But for those whose jam is Batman: The Animated Series, almost every conceivable size option exists. The latest scale to get the deluxe treatment, 1:6 is Mondo Toys‘ preferred choice. And their newest, stylized addition to the line goes on sale tomorrow, April 16th. It is, of course, the feline femme fatale named Selina Kyle. And this could be the best animated Catwoman figure ever.

Painted in a style that suggests the cel-shaded, shadowy look of Bruce Timm’s Gotham City, Catwoman comes loaded with accessories. For a likely price point of $150, the set includes:

– Regular Head

– Smirking Head

– Sneering Head

– 5 pairs of hands

– Isis the Cat (sitting)

– Coiled Whip

– Flexible Whip

– Spy Camera

– Bat Cuffs

– Large Diamond

– Bag of Loot

– Jeweled Necklace

– Approx. 30 points of articulation

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The unmasked head, however, only comes with the Mondo exclusive edition. Still, Mondo usually makes enough these days that they don’t sell out immediately. And even some sell-outs get replenished. Selina goes on sale tomorrow, April 16th, at 11 a.m. central at Mondo’s online store. But nobody shut out of the initial feeding frenzy should panic.

Catwoman joins Batman and Mr. Freeze in Mondo’s animated Batman lineup. It’s always nice to see a company not immediately go for the obvious Joker and Harley Quinn right away. Spread the character love around.

Check out a few more photos below. Will you be logging on bright and early? Get catty in comments and let us know.