Report on Oprah’s Spider-Man 2 Preview

Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst were guests on The Oprah Winfrey Show today and two new scenes were revealed. Oprah talked about how she had seen Spider-Man 2 and teased Tobey and Kirsten that they hadn’t seen the film yet. She talked to Tobey about what it was like to get fitted for the costume and to both about the kissing scene from the first film.

The first new scene that aired showed a young boy and girl in the middle of a street with a truck approaching. Spider-Man swung down and saved them from getting hit. Afterwards he told them not to play in the street when the kids answered “Yes, Mr. Spider-Man”. The second scene featured Aunt May telling Peter Parker that there is a superhero in everyone of us, which is what you hear her say in many of the trailers.

Oprah also showed a few clips, with previously seen footage, in which she talked about what it took to make the costume, how long it took to make the sequel (2 years), and more.

The show then concentrated on real-life superheroes and their inspiring stories. Tobey and Kirsten stayed throughout the show and greeted the guests, while Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cal Ripken Jr. also made surprise appearances for the guests. Kellogg’s also gave a young cancer patient, who had already collected $200,000 by selling lemonade (and people selling lemonade in honor of her) for research, an additional check for $25,000, which was very cool.

At the end, Kirsten Dunst announced that they would be flying all the real-life heroes to the Spider-Man 2 premiere and they also each received a big basket filled with Spidey stuff.

Source: Superhero Hype!