Harry Potter Doesn’t Break Spidey’s Records

While Warner Bros.’ estimate for Friday made it seem like “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” broke the opening day record set by Spider-Man, that is not the case.

Weekend results show that “Harry Potter” actually made $38.2 million from 3,855 theaters on Friday which does not top Spidey’s record of $39.4 million from 3,615 theaters on May 3, 2002.

Spider-Man also still holds the record for best opening weekend with $114.8 million. “Harry Potter” earned $92.6 million this weekend, which was also topped by “Shrek 2” which made $108 million its first full weekend.

“Shrek 2” did break another one of Spidey’s records, however. The animated sequel reached the $300 million mark in 18 days, while Spider-Man took 22 days to do so.

Meanwhile, ‘Pinball Wizard’ sent this about another tie-in commercial…

There’s a new Keebler cookie commercial featuring Spider-Man in it. There’s no footage from the movie in it, but there are a few shots of Spidey. The commercial begins with some of the Keebler Elves entering a room in their Tree/Factory and hiding a huge spider web. Apparently, Keebler is putting out special Spider-Man fudge-striped cookies, with the cookies shaped like webs. The commercial ends with one of the Elves saying “My cookie sense is tingling.”

And ‘Spidey-Spence’ sent us this picture of some more Spidey items that are on the way…

Source: Box Office Mojo