Six Flags Premieres New Batman vs. Catwoman Show

Six Flags Great Adventure theme park has launched a spectacular new action-adventure show, “Batman vs. Catwoman: Catfight”.

The only show of its kind, based on the DC Comics ultimate crimefighter superhero Batman, “Batman vs. Catwoman: Catfight” features the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin, as they battle to save Gotham City from the evil clutches of Catwoman and The Joker in this all-new, high-voltage adventure.

“Batman vs. Catwoman: Catfight” promises non-stop action and special effects. Acrobatic cast members descend from the skies, engage in intricate hand-to-hand combat, and land breathtaking, high falls. The show features cutting-edge technology like Segwayâ„¢ Human Transport vehicles (two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transportation devices) and Batman’s iconic Batmobile. The elaborate set includes a realistic city street with working water fountain, ascending and descending hot air balloon, water tower and runaway elevated train.

“Batman vs. Catwoman: Catfight” delivers the most dramatic show finale Six Flags has ever produced. Exploding power lines and 750-gallon water tower, and a sequence of pyrotechnics and propane-ignited flame blasts stretching 60 feet into the air, conclude this live-action adventure.

You can check out the multimedia release on this, featuring images and videos, by clicking here!

Source: Six Flags