More Catwoman on Oprah & Spidey 2 in Wizard

It looks like Oprah is giving the Catwoman movie lots of love this week, Tuesday having Halle Berry and Benjamin Bratt on and today Sharon Stone. ‘Eddie’ writes…

Did you see today’s Oprah with Sharon Stone? They showed a picture of Halle dressed as Catwoman, and Sharon Stone’s character behind her, like she had some power over Catwoman. They also showed Catwoman falling down stairs as Sharon Stones character hits her with something. Sharon Stone also said the fighting is right on, nothing like the matrix, they spent 9 days, I believe hearing, working on it. They fall down through ceilings, stairs, and off buildings. They also showed a scene with her and Patience. Patience seemed upset in the scene. Not sure what was going on. Also, Sharon talked about going on tour with Catwoman to London, ect.

‘Spiked’ also caught the program and wrote…

Sharon Stone appeared on Oprah today. She mentioned that a fight scene between her and Halle lasted from 8-10 days. Also her stunt coordinator preformed a 39 story drop for the film. There were also two awesome new clips from Catwoman. One with Laurel Hedare (Stone) and Georges Hedare (Wilson) in a heated conversation. The audience loved this clip. And another, emotional scene with Laurel and Patience in the women’s bathroom. These clips were phenomenal!

Meanwhile, ‘A1ant’ has an update on both Catwoman and Spider-Man 2

The latest issue of WIZARD has a new Spider-Man 2 cover and a Q&A with the director, Sam Raimi! There’s a crash course in handling the whip from the pros on the “Catwoman” set and more.

You can check out the cover here.

Source: Superhero Hype!