Spidey 2 Clip Shown at Wizard World Philadelphia

Scooper ‘Miken Ayers’ attended Wizard World Philadelphia today and got to see a new clip from Spider-Man 2. The description contains spoilers of course, so only read it if you’d like to know…

At Wizard World Philly today they were supposed to have an Alfred Molina panel, but due to the weather he couldn’t make it. Anyway they showed us a clip from the movie that was supposed to show at the end of his session.

In the clip we have Harry Osborn drinking heavily, and looking at newspaper ads concerning Spider-Man and Norman Osborn’s death. He goes on the roof of his apartment, and Dr. Octopus climbs up the side. He shakes Harry up with his visit, then Harry starts calling him a washed up hack. Since Doc Ock didn’t like that he grabs him with his tentacle and dangles him over the edge of the building. That’s about it though.

Source: Miken Ayers