Buster Reeves is Batman Begins Stunt Double

ic Huddersfield reports that Buster Reeves is stunt doubling for Christian Bale in Batman Begins. Here’s a clip…

BRAD Pitt is the star of the multi-million pound movie epic Troy, but Huddersfield’s Buster Reeves is the expert who got him into shape for the role.

Buster is now making the new Batman film, where he is stunt doubling for Christian Bale, in which Michael Caine plays the English butler Alfred.

He has just returned from location in Iceland and is now filming at Shepperton Studios, where brother Gary will visit him at the end of the month, before going to Chicago on location.

His mum Frances says, “When he was four, he was running through the kitchen dressed as Batman saying, Is my cape floating? Now he’s doing it for real.”

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Source: ic Huddersfield