New Spider-Man 2 Movie Updates

Several cool new updates tonight about Spidey. First up, ‘Dragon’ and ‘Stefan2003’ both alerted us that there’s a fourth poster…

I was just walking back to my office and a bus drove past sporting a 4th Spidey 2 poster. It’s painted in the same style as the others, but this one has Spidey by himself, firing a webline to his left side. Imagine the “Destiny” poster sideways, but it only showed from Spidey’s head to just below his chest. Nevertheless, it looked sweeeeet. I hope Sony makes it available as a desktop soon.

Hint hint to Sony! ‘Tony W’ also told us about a new standee…

I just wanna tell you I went to the movies and there was a rotating promotional standee of all three of the new Spidey posters made out of translucent plastic w/ light shining though them. The posters were about twice the size of the real posters and above each one said a phrase: sacrifice, destiny, and choice.

Also, ‘MarvelMovies’ pointed us to articles at IGN which talk about Spidey games for you cell phone. The one on “Spider-Man Pinball” can be read here and “Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock” info is up here.

Source: Superhero Hype!