Catwoman TV Spots Start Airing

There’s still two months to go until the release of Catwoman, but Warner Bros. is already starting to air TV spots for the Halle Berry adaptation. Here’s two reports on where commercials were spotted, and we’re hearing that other channels are airing them as well. ‘bjgroves’ writes…

I was watching vh1 and I saw a Catwoman tv spot! I can’t remember the details, but it showed footage of Halle’s eye changing into a cat eye. It showed Halle falling off of a ledge and a few new parts.

‘Andrew’ also says…

I just wanted to let you know that the official Catwoman trailer, starring Halle Berry, was aired on the WB during the Charmed season finale. This trailer was about 2 minutes long with a more in-depth look at who actually kills Patience, how she finds out she died, and who her enemies are. It’s very good.

Source: Superhero Hype!