A Second Report on the Blade 3 Screening!

Scooper ‘TerminalLink1423’ also got a chance to watch the Blade 3 screening earlier this week and sent in more positive thoughts…

Big fan, frequent reviewer of the early screenings. Was down in Santa Monica about 2 weeks ago and got a flier for the “Blade 3” screening. Blade 3? Thought it was Blade Trinity, but whatever. Anyway, I went last night with some friends down to the Howard Hughes “Bridge” theatre, in Los Angeles. Anyway, I am pretty sure David S. Goyer was there. Someone whowas heavily tattooed and unprofessional looking walked up in front and said that this was the first public screening of the unfinished film ever. Blah blah blah. Everyone claps and the movie starts. Already notice the temp track, but I can’t place where the score is from, might be from X2 or the first Blade or the Matrix films but I am not sure at all. Okay so now onto the real review.

Hannibal King, Ryan Reynolds, for me, really stole the show in this movie. He plays a really much more convincing sidekick/foil figure for Blade than Whistler or that idiot from Boondock Saints in the last one. He is a very funny character, especially by the end, but I won’t give away any spoilers. Jessica Biel does her best job since “7th Heaven”, looking like Sarah Connor, except younger and hotter. She has a lot of really kick ass moves in this film that really shows she knows her stuff. She was awesome, and a believable female character. This movie has some excellent creatures in it. There are vampire dogs with the Reaver strain mouths, and then there is this Hyena creature as well. Parker Posey is in this film too, she does a good evil job, for the medium small part she plays. Wesley Snipes does a better job than he did in Blade 2, and it is much better for it. In fact this movie is much funnier than Blade 2, much more of the same line of humor as the first film, which I still prefer. Although Hannibal King gets most of the good lines, Abby, Whistler and Blade throw in their two cents from time to time. This film is pretty well written, with some good banter between Blade, Whistler, Abby and King.

Not a whole lot of the CG stunt people in this film like in the 2nd one. Mostly just wire work and creature FX. We got a lot of vampire explosions and they were much more complex than in either of the first two films, although they look alot like the ones in the second. Overall, this film has less ADD than the 2nd one, and having Goyer as writer and director probably served this film well. To tell you the truth, I immensely enjoyed this film and it is a good starting point for another series branching off the Blade Films with Jessica Biel, who plays Whistler’s daughter as the probable star. Also, the ending felt kind of “ehh?” so hopefully they can fix that.

Anyway, I have tried to keep this review, or more of a preview really as spoiler free as possible. But this film has a boss battle that kicks the ass of the first one and the second one, of course from their respective films. Also, a lot more politics and a real world feel to this film makes it feel a lot more real than “Blade 2″‘s 2d fantasy world. This film is way more violent, with some awesome stunts and has a very gritty almost noir sensiblity to it, fused with hip-hop culture that permeated the second one and the first one. Very slick film, and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Source: TerminalLink1423