Batman Begins Set Report & Picture

‘ParanoidBoy’ sent us this report and the picture below from the University College London location we described earlier…

I checked out the Batman Begins shoot tonight at Malet Street, London… Many L.E.E. Lighting Ltd trucks and lighting set up from outside to illuminate the inside of the building…. One of the street signs was changed to Grand St, and who should be whisked away 4ft from where I was standing??? Ms Katie Holmes, man she is gorgeous. I’m also pretty sure I heard a car was waiting for ‘Larry’ as in Holden??? If the medical school was indeed doubling for the police HQ this could fit.

Meanwhile, scooper ‘mjjrocks’ sent us unconfirmed news that the production will be shooting in Mill Hill tomorrow. Here’s the picture from ‘ParanoidBoy’:

Source: ParanoidBoy