Batman Begins to Face Animal Rights Activists?

The Edgware & Mill Hill Times reports that the Batman Begins production is indeed headed for the National Institute for Medical Research…

It was finally confirmed this week that director Christopher Nolan will be bringing a star-studded cast to the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) in Mill Hill to film part of the Hollywood blockbuster Batman Begins.

But film company Warner Bros is already in talks with Barnet police to establish what security arrangements can be made when filming begins at the institute, which uses animals for research into diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis.

Amid threats of protests by the Mill Hill Anti-Vivisection Alliance, Warner has made staff at the NIMR sign a confidentiality agreement to keep the date of the filming under wraps.

Hit the link above for more of the article. The official website for the institute is located here while you can view some pictures of the building here.

Source: Edgware & Mill Hill Times