EXCLUSIVE: Alex Ross Draws Tom Welling as Superman!

One of the most-discussed topics on the SHH! Superman message boards has been whether or not The WB’s Smallville star Tom Welling should play Superman in the new Warner Bros. big screen adaptation.

Back in December, Welling said that he had been approached about the lead role when director Brett Ratner was still on board the project. “I actually went to Brett’s house in Los Angeles and we sat down and talked about it a little bit, both knowing that scheduling would always be an issue,” Welling said. “Basically, if that movie were to happen, the show would pretty much have to go away, and I don’t think that’s what anybody wants.”

Now, artist Alex Ross has provided Superhero Hype! with an exclusive look at two drawings he did for the possible film, were Welling to play the role. The drawings were not done for the studio, Alex did these on his own to see what Welling might look like. You can view the drawings below, and also be sure to stay tuned to AlexRossArt.com for the latest on his projects.

Source: Alex Ross Art