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Alex Ross Art Celebrates SDCC 2024 With Kingdom Come Exclusives

The art of Alex Ross is some of the most recognized and well-regarded in the world of comics. His landmark series, Kingdom Come, is perhaps the most acclaimed of his works. This year, at San Diego Comic-Con 2024, the series and Ross will be honored with several exclusive features, including art debuts and a special booth.

Produced by Ross and writer Mark Waid in 1996, Kingdom Come is one of the definitive DC Comics Elseworlds. The story centers around Superman, who abandons his self-imposed exile to stand against a new breed of violent anti-heroes. The comic is remembered for both Ross’ distinctive painted artwork and for standing against the cynicism of the Dark Age of Comics.

(Image Source: Alex Ross Art)

In addition to convention-exclusive items and art, SDCC 2024 will feature a life-size reproduction of a famous Kingdom Come cover. Pictured above, the mural will take up a full wall of the Alex Ross Art display, located at Booth #2415. Attendees are encouraged to share their photos on social media, tagging both @AlexRossArt and #SDCC2024.

Kingdom Come documentary to be previewed at SDCC 2024

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SDCC 2024 attendees will also be the first to preview the The Legend of Kingdom Come. The upcoming film will receive a Kickstarter drive in fall 2024. This exclusive look will take place at a discussion panel devoted to the legendary comic. The panel will include Mark Waid, producer Sal Abbinanti, and director and editor Remsy Atassi. Acclaimed writers Julie and Shawna Benson will also be on the panel, which will be moderated by Mike Roe of The Wrap. Attendees of the panel will receive a limited edition movie poster, pictured below.

KingdomComeDocumentary PosterA SDCC Give-away
(Image Source: Alex Ross Art)

Alex Ross Art will be announcing more Kingdom Come Exclusives in the weeks before SDCC 2024. There will also be several exclusives announced as part of the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Interested fans are encouraged to bookmark the landing page, in anticipation of the Kickstarter drive.