First Pictures of the Batman Begins Batmobile? UPDATED

A lot of you pointed us to Ain’t-It-Cool-News, which says it has possible pictures of the new Batmobile from Batman Begins. Folks, this is not the Batmobile you’ll be seeing racing across the screen in the summer of 2005. Warner Bros. has something cool in store for you guys, and our sources have described a car that’s quite different from the pictures at the link above.

Also, ‘Anthony W. Baimun’ tells us that the Batmobile from the link was designed back in 2000 by this designer.

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I go away for a day and all Bat-Hell breaks loose.

Last week some over hyped fans discovered some “Batmobile” pics and thought it could be the new Nolan vehicle… Well fans I did some detective work and in less than a day I contacted the designer of this Batmobile. NO it is NOT the BATMAN BEGINS ride… here is what artist, actor, designer Chris Canole had to say in an online interview I conducted last week.

SHH/Excelsior: Chris what can you tell me about “your” Batmobile?

Chris Conole: I’ll try to answer what I know.

After the first Batman movie was made a ‘businessman’ approached me to build a much more functional Batmobile for one of the future movies. He rented his cars to movies like “Rainman” etc… As you know they (WB) used the first Batmobile for the second movie (batman returns), but I was commissioned anyway.

When Batman changed hands I was told the Batmobile I built was to be used in the Val Kilmer version. The businessman created quite a commotion driving the car I built onto the lot of Warner Brothers, he was too eager to cash in on the potential. (the car was not used)

That is were I was left, unpaid for a large portion of my efforts and sad that one man’s activities prevented my Batmobile from appearing on screen. I have no idea where the vehicle I designed and sculpted resides. Probably in some hidden cave waiting for the light of day sometime in the future. Perhaps someday I will write one of my screenplays telling the tale of my Batmobile.

Sorry I have no further information. Maybe someday a future Batman will approach me to build another Supervehicle.


Chris Canole – March 14, 2004

Well there ya go, mystery solved…

Source: Superhero Hype!