Shooting Pool with Hellboy & Halloween Costumes!

FHM has up a funny article for which they played a game of pool with Ron Perlman dressed in the Hellboy costume. Here’s a clip…

FHM [Breaks. Sinks a stripe.] So what’s it like shooting pool with that giant hand?

Hellboy [Sinks a solid.] It’s actually easier. It’s a nice stabilizer, kind of a natural bridge. This hand originally had some servo motors in it that would move the fingers while we were shooting. But they’ve been taken out now.

FHM It’s quite a getup. What’s the makeup process like?

HB Well, a typical shooting day was 12 to 14 hours, plus the makeup-four hours to get it on, one to take it off. So it could go as long as an 18-hour day. [Sinks two more solids.] Eating and drinking were tough. It’s not like the red was really going to come off my hands, but they didn’t want to take any chances with me handling foreign objects. The production assistants would hold out water bottles with giant straws to sip out of.

The full article is up at the link above! Meanwhile, we received the following image which shows the items being offered by Rubies Costume Co. to retailers for Halloween 2004.

Source: Superhero Hype!