Rena Owen on The Crow & a X-Men 3 Date?

Moviehole talked to Rena Owen about the upcoming The Crow: Wicked Prayer. Here’s several clips from the interview….

You’ve just completed “The Crow”. How did that go?

I shot my scenes in July 2003 in Salt Lake City, Utah. A great crew to work with, rocked with the director, Lance Mungia, and had a blast with Eddie (Furlong). Fond memories forever!

So how is Edward Furlong as the Crow, David Boreanaz as the baddie?

I will never forget looking into Eddie’s deep deep eyes. Such a talented young man, I thought he made for an awesome Crow with sensitivity. And who better to play the Devil then the Angel himself, David Boreanaz. Only regret, I didn’t do any scenes with David or Dennis Hopper!

That interview is up here. Meanwhile, the site reports that Fox Australia held a PR Day today for exhibitors and informed folks that they’re aiming X-Men 3 for next year. The last we heard we wouldn’t see the third film until 2006, but we’ll keep you updated.

Source: Moviehole