Review of David Goyer’s Batman Begins Script

‘Stax’ at IGN FilmForce alerted us that he has up a positive review of David Goyer’s screenplay for Batman Begins. Here’s a brief clip from the article…

In short, Batman Begins is … a Western! The story features a gruff loner with a thirst for revenge who comes to town to rid it of the outlaws and corrupt officials bedeviling it. This man of violence can only trust a few townsfolk for help (I guess that makes Jim Gordon the quintessential one good deputy) and he must rely on his incomparable physical skills to get the job done. If that isn’t a traditional Western plot then I don’t know what is. As a huge fan of that genre, I appreciated those parallels.

You can check out the full review, which includes minor spoilers, at the link above!

Source: Stax