Goyer on Batman Begins in Dreamwatch #1

Dreamwatch tells Superhero Hype! that it will launch an all-new U.S. edition of the magazine on October 19. Dreamwatch #1 (see cover below) includes a feature article with writer/director David Goyer talking about penning Batman Begins and here are several clips:

Dreamwatch goes behind the scenes of the batman prequel with writer David S. Goyer. Directed by Christopher Nolan, Batman Begins is set before the previous Batman films and attempts to give an original take on the legend. “There are definitely segments of our film that have never been addressed, even in the comic books, so we are sort of in uncharted territory,” says Goyer.

The writer goes on to explain how he picked his choice of villain. “I felt very strongly that we should use characters that hadn’t been depicted in the films before,” he reveals, “I think Ra’s Al Ghul is unique as a Batman villain because of his goals. Although his goals are somewhat perverted, he is more realistic as a character than some of the other villains. And using the Scarecrow gave us the opportunity to depict a villain that was truly scary and frightening.”

How he and director Nolan have grounded the new tale in realism: “If Bruce Wayne was going to wear a suit, what would he need to do in it and what would his suit require? Our general rule was that it had to feature either existing technology that was going to be thrown into the market place in the next 10 years or so.”

And this could be the start of a new franchise… “Without giving too much away, the film lends itself to a sequel,” Goyer revealed.

Source: Dreamwatch Magazine