New Batman Begins Bits on the Costumes

‘ultimatefan’ tells us that Batman-on-Film has posted more spoiler bits about Batman Begins. Only read on if you’re ready to find out certain aspects of the film…

A bit more on the cape–and what The Batman can do with it. The Bat will be able to fly in this film–sort of. The cape is made of some sort of advanced material that is super light, yet can become very stiff and tight when a electric current is run through it. The Batman, with a touch of a button, will be able to turn his flowing cape into “wings” and fly–or actually glide in the skys of Gotham!! Pretty cool, huh? And The Batman will be shown in some very “iconic” poses, with the cape really moving and flowing around him! Can’t wait to see it on screen….I have it from a good source that Jonathan Crane will be shown with a “Scarecrow mask” in the film.

The cape will be interesting to see, though none of this has been confirmed yet, of course.

Source: ultimatefan