Berry Talks Catwoman & Trailer this Month

‘A1ant’ from alerted us that Access Hollywood recently talked to Halle Berry about Catwoman

While promoting the overseas release of her film, GOTHIKA in Berlin, actress Halle Berry gave television’s ACCESS HOLLYWOOD some information on her version of the iconic character:

“I think you’ll see a different side of me. You’ll see a Catwoman that’s in some ways very much like the Catwomen of the past and the great women played before, but she’s also a woman of the 21st century, too. Very edgy, very in touch with her sexuality. Smart, vunerable…lots of things.”

The film, which is now in post-production is currently on track for a July 23 release! The debut theatrical trailer is expected to premiere later this month, though we can’t officially confirm it just yet.

Stay tuned for more news on when that trailer will hit!

Source: A1ant