Paul Rudd Up for a Fantastic Four Role?

‘Fantastic4scoop’ sent us the following rumor which says he talked to the “Friends” star about the talk that he was up for Superman, and Rudd appears to have mentioned Fantastic Four

Howdy, I had one scoop for you a long ass time ago, and that was in regards to Christian Bale being considered for Batman, but that was during the whole Batman vs. Superman debacle, and that was just a stroke of luck coming across that tidbit. That scoop was maybe a year or two old and also mentioned actor Paul Rudd (Friends, Wet Hot American Summer) as being in contention for the role of Superman.

Well, living in LA I get the privilege to annoy crappy celebrities like, once a week, and this week I had a chance run in with Paul Rudd; I briefly asked him if there was any truth to the Superman rumors, or any other heros for that matter, and he replied something along the lines of, “I never tried to get Superman, they never contacted me about playing Superman, and while I would love the career boost, I was just a name thrown into the hat and promptly removed. I have recently been contacted about the Fantastic Four movie, but I don’t think I’ll be playing the lead or anything. I think they might want a bigger star to anchor the picture.”

He didn’t say what part he was offered, and it would be ignorant for me to guess, as I’ve always been a DC fan.

We’ll have to see if this turns into anything. At this time Fox and Marvel are picking a director, and once that’s done we should start hearing more about the casting.

Source: Fantastic4scoop