What Will X-Men 3 be About?

Cinescape has some more bits on what is possibly mentioned in the new issue of Wizard magazine about the X-Men franchise…

Among the facts dropped in the mag are: the idea by Singer to shoot X-MEN 3 and X-MEN 4 at the same time; how many primary characters are currently in the X3 treatment (which includes Beast); which actors are likely to reappear in the second sequel; other filmmakers that Singer has been meeting with regarding the latest breakthroughs in filmmaking technology; and spinoff movies using Wolverine and other X-Men characters.

Perhaps the biggest news is the revelation of what the general premise of X-MEN 3 will be about — or is, at least at this early stage of the game. According to Singer, the idea behind X3 is what would happen if humans and mutants went up against evolution itself.

Stay tuned for lots more on the upcoming sequel(s)!

Source: Cinescape