U2 Spider-Man 2 Song Rumor Resurfaces

While we were previously led to believe that a new song from U2, called “Sky Hawk”, is for the “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” soundtrack, @U2 says that may not be the case…

We’ve received reports (which we’ve been unable to confirm to date) that Bono met with a high-ranking member of the Spiderman 2 production team in New York City on or about October 10-11 of last year. (The report is immediately credible because Bono was in New York for appearances related to the AIDS/Africa campaign on October 8th and 9th.) As we’re told, Bono was shown a very early version of Spiderman 2 at Sony headquarters, and left the screening very enthusiastic about what he saw. We’re told he even sung a few lines of the song he thought would be appropriate as the movie’s theme.

Visit the link above for more on this and stay tuned here for further updates about the sequel’s soundtrack.

Source: @U2