Wizard #150 Packed with Superhero Movie Coverage

Wizard magazine will turn up its coverage of upcoming superhero movies with issue #150, in comic shops Wednesday, February 25. The 50 pages on the films will include…

Wizard gives you a perspective that no one else can with an on-set diary by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola from the Prague set of the film, exclusive photos of “Catwoman,” the results of our fan poll on which mutants should make cameos in “X3,” a rundown of the weapons arsenal of “The Punisher” with comments from star Tom Jane, a look at all of the people linked to the upcoming “Superman” film and a host of Q+As with some of the biggest names in Hollywood — including “Spider-Man 2’s” Tobey Maguire, “X3” director Bryan Singer, “Constantine” star Keanu Reeves, “Blade 3” star Wesley Snipes and “Batman: Intimidation” screenwriter David Goyer.

Be sure to pick up a copy when it becomes available. Thanks to ‘Dennis’ for the alert.

Source: Wizard