Martin Henderson in Talks for Superman?

Moviehole sent us this news from an interview with “Torque” and “The Ring” star Martin Henderson (picture)…

In an interview with Moviehole today, “Torque” star Martin Henderson hinted that he is indeed in talks to star as “Superman” for Director McG.

Asked whether or not his ‘in’ with the studio [Warner] has given him an opportunity to test for the role of Superman in the film, Henderson clammed up admitting he is indeed in talks.

Although Henderson admits he may want to do something a little less commercial for his next picture, the fact that it’s set to film in Australia – where he cut his teeth in the industry – and the fact that he doesn’t mind a bit of the old green screen trickery, might aid in his ultimate decision – should he get the gig.

Thanks to ‘Clint’ for the heads up.

Source: Moviehole