Adam Rayner Talks Morgan Edge’s Future in Superman and Lois

The CW’s Superman and Lois expanded the Man of Steel’s mythology to new limits . For the first time, it revealed that Kal-El shares his mother with Tal-Ro, his half-brother. When he arrived on Earth, Tal-Ro took the identity of Morgan Edge, but he believes in Kryptonian superiority over the other races in the universe. And who better than actor Adam Rayner, the man who plays the Kryptonian supremacist on the show, to describe the character’s mindset?

“There’s this whole thing which is very strongly suggested with him, that humans are not worthy beings,” Rayner said while talking with Kryptonsite. “It’s all about Kryptonians. He’s a Kryptonian supremacist, in the sense that these are the only people that count; the only people that are important. The fact that he bred with a human, it’s just kind of disgusting and pitiful to him. It’s a wonderful metaphor for the situations we’ve seen throughout history.”

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The actor added that Tal-Ro is stepping into the path that his father, Zeta-Rho, drew for him. However, his iron will to conquer Earth might weaken after so many years on the planet.

“Zeta-Rho wants to his son to just follow the original plan. This will become clear throughout the next couple of episodes, he wants his son to follow the original plan. That’s important for resurrecting Krypton, because what Tal-Rho has actually done has veered a little bit from the original plan, because he quite likes his Earthly existence, despite his difficult beginnings, he quite likes who he’s become. But Zeta wants him to follow the original plan, which is something quite different, and that is a source of conflict.”

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