New Spider-Man Photos & Sequel Talk?

Cinescape heard from a scooper that three new Spider-Man 2 images and talk about a third film appeared in Australia’s Sunday Telegraph (possible spoilers ahead!)…

The three photos consist of a shot of Spidey swinging thorugh the city, a profile shot of Doctor Octopus and his “arms”, and one of Peter and Mary Jane walking and talking on a city street. The article also stated that SPIDER-MAN 2 is part of a trilogy of films and that the stars have signed on for another sequel, and that, and we quote what the scooper sent to us, “…audiences can look forward to a vision of the Man-Wolf, an astronaut who mutates into a creature after handling some moon rock during a space expedition.”

If you come across this article, then be sure to let us know. As far as we know, it’s not available online.

Source: Cinescape