Ultimate Spider-Man 6 fighting Kingpin cover
(Image Source: Marvel / Marco Checchetto)

Upgraded Kingpin Introduced in Ultimate Spider-Man #6

The Kingpin has always been one of the more formidable foes of Marvel Comics‘ heroes. Wilson Fisk’s keen criminal mind and vast resources give him power beyond his impressive physical form. However, Ultimate Spider-Man #6 reveals that the Ultimate Universe Kingpin has been upgraded from the Earth-616 standard.

Written by Jonathan Hickman, with art by Marco Checchetto, the action of Ultimate Spider-Man #6 centers around a battle with Kingpin. Peter Parker and Harry Osborn intended to confront Fisk in his home. Unfortunately, the Kingpin had anticipated their attack. Moreover, he proved more than capable of fighting both heroes simultaneously, despite their powers and technology.

Kingpin is tougher than ever

In the middle of the fight, Harry unleashed one of his pumpkin bombs. To his shock and horror, this did nothing to harm the Kingpin. All it did was ruin Wilson Fisk’s suit and make him even angrier at the intrusion into his home.

Kingpin fights Green Goblin in Ultimate Spider-Man 6
(Image Source: Marvel / Marco Checchetto)

No explanation was offered beyond the fact that Fisk “recently had some work done.” His upper body was covered with Kirbyesque tattoos, but this offers little clue to what this “work” entailed. It was clear, however, that this Kingpin was far more durable than his Earth-616 counterpart. He also seemed to have enhanced strength, easily crushing the Green Goblin armor with his bare hands.

In the classic Spider-Man comics, Wilson Fisk was not a Mutant or Mutate. He had no superhuman powers but was abnormally strong. This was the result of a strict diet and fitness regimen, which left him with only nine pounds of fat on his 6’7″, 450-pound frame.

However, despite Kingpin being intended to be a low-level powerhouse, many writers forget that he is all too human. The revelation that this version of Kingpin is a Mutate should help to explain that incongruity in future Ultimate Spider-Man issues. It should also help Wilson Fisk to reign in his upcoming Sinister Six team.

Ultimate Spider-Man #6 is now available at comic shops everywhere.