Hellboy Report From Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors

‘Andrew S’ wrote in with the first update from Fangoria’s Weekend of Horror taking place at the Meadowlands Sheraton Hotel in East Rutherford, New Jersey…

Hey, I just got back from the Fangoria/Chiller Theater: Weekend of Horror and all you can see were posters for the new Hellboy Motion Picture. I happened to pick up the poster as well as numerous other goodies from most of the shops. We went into the screening room to check out the trailers, and guess what they played first… HELLBOY!! The crowd applauded it and gave the film a good vibe with their feedback. Selma Blair and Ron Perlman will be on hand tomorrow (Saturday) to take questions and and sign stuff for the kiddies.

Another note, Andrew Brynarski (Leatherface/ Chip Shreck – Batman Returns) was on hand as well. I asked him how it was to work with Burton and the other heavyweights on the set, he said it was an amazing experience but egos got in the way. He also mentioned something Tim Burton told him, “Never censor your thoughts.” It by far is the best words of wisdom I’ve heard in my life. He also expressed interest in the new film and claims to be interested in where they take it.

Thanks for the heads up!

Source: Andrew S