Exclusive Batman: Intimidation Scoop!!

Batman fans, are you ready? We hope you are, because Christopher Nolan’s new Batman film is sounding better and better every day.

A Superhero Hype! source – who shall be called ‘Enigma’ – has confirmed that filming will indeed take place in Iceland. As you may have read here, the Warner Bros. production will shoot there for two weeks. What was not revealed was what will be filmed. We’ve got the exclusive scoop for you, but it’s definitely spoiler material, so cover your eyes now if you’d rather not know…

Still here? Of course you are. In the scene, Batman, played by Christian Bale, will be fighting on ice with Ra’s Al Ghul’s #1 pupil (who that is, you’ll have to figure out). They won’t be fighting for real, however, as it is more of a training exercise.

We’re also told by our source that Batman: Intimidation is a cross between Year One and Year Two and that it’s interwoven very creatively. So start thinking about which characters appeared in each and you might get an idea. The film is also said to be very story-driven.

Of course you want to hear about the costume. Let’s just say that the costume concept the production is using is awesome! Just wait and see…

Source: Enigma