Dark Horse President on Comic Book Adaptations

Cinescape chatted with Dark Horse Comics President Mike Richardson about the upcoming film projects that are based on the company’s characters. Here’s a few clips…

CINESCAPE: Are you involved in the upcoming sequel, SON OF THE MASK?

RICHARDSON: On the fringe. Not as much as I’d like to be, but that’s fine. [Director] Larry Gutterman has a great vision for the movie. It’s a lot of fun.

CINESCAPE: That brings us to the present day and your upcoming adaptation of Mike Mignola’s HELLBOY.

RICHARDSON: We’re really excited about it – knock on wood. It’s a terrific project. Guillermo del Toro has taken Mike Mignola’s comic and delivered it to the screen. Guillermo has captured everything that makes HELLBOY great and also created compelling characters. You really like Hellboy in this movie; he’s not just a one-dimensional comic book character. There’s a lot of heart in the movie; there’s great action. It’s unlike any movie you’ve ever seen. We hope the movie does well, but regardless of the box office this is the best HELLBOY movie that could’ve ever been done.

There’s much more in the interview on 30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre, Grendel and more. You can check out the article at the link above.

Source: Cinescape