Lauren Shuler Donner on Constantine & X-Men 3!

Variety has published an excellent interview with producer Lauren Shuler Donner about the X-Men franchise and more. Here’s a clip about Constantine and X-Men 3

Fans also have been vocal about “Constantine,” whose comicbook premise of a chain-smoking, hard-drinking con artist and occultist with real magical knowledge is about as far removed from superheroes as you can get. Aficionados’ foremost concern is the recasting of the comics’ very English John Constantine as an American.

But Shuler Donner, who believes fans will be happy with Reeves, says the character’s bad attitude and irreverence has survived intact. “It’s extremely close in spirit. John Constantine is a really unique character because he walks the line between good and bad, between hell and heaven. He doesn’t care if he’s liked.”

After “Constantine,” Shuler Donner plans a short break from comics to do the drama “The Secret Life of Bees” and then is back for “X3.” For the third installment, she wants to include a loquacious, blue-furred scientist called the Beast and a sequence in the “X-Men’s” training center, the Danger Room.

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Source: Variety