Brendan Fraser Talks Superman on Carson Daly

Brendan Fraser appeared on Carson Daly last night and many of you were watching. Here’s ‘spanish39’ with the heads up…

Carson Daily asked Brendon if he was still considering Superman or if he was up for it and Fraser paused and hugged a pillow and leaned forward and asked the crowd on if they thought he could pull it off. They cheered. He said that everyone over 6’2 is being considered. He said after they cheered that “Well I guess that’s a message to WB’s right there”. Carson asked if he wanted to do it and he said, “Hey, it’s The man of steel, who doesn’t want to be Superman?”. Carson also asked if the movie was even happening and Fraser responded, ” There have been script problems and director problems and on and on and on. This just happened at 1:49am Florida time.

Thanks also to ‘Tiger’, ‘RudeKing’ and ‘marvel07’.

Source: Superhero Hype!