Leslie Grace Talks About Batgirl’s Action Scenes With Brendan Fraser

Last year, Warner Bros. Discovery unceremoniously cancelled HBO Max’s Batgirl movie, which would have featured Leslie Grace in the title role. In addition to the return of Michael Keaton as Batman and J. K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, it also featured Brendan Fraser as Firefly. And in a recent interview with Collider, Grace recalled shooting many of Batgirl’s action scenes with Fraser, including some sequences that utilized practical fire effects.

“I truly had one of [the best] experiences with Batgirl,” recalled Grace. “In terms of the experience of shooting, we were all so excited for people to see a lot of the action, a lot of the practical shots we did with fire. Our movie was full of practical fire, which was really hard to shoot. Brendan [Fraser], our villain, our Firefly, he was just so outstanding and so happy that he’s having this incredible moment—this Brenaissance as everyone says.”

“He’s amazing,” continued Grace. “He’s one of the kindest people in the world, and I felt so blessed to have him as my sparring partner. We had so many amazing action scenes together where we were beating each other up, but hugging in between takes because he’s just so sweet.”

Although Grace remains disappointed that the movie won’t see the light of day, she still holds out hope that Batgirl‘s action scenes will be released in some form.

“I would’ve loved people to see those moments. But you know what? You have the experience, and you keep on rolling, and I feel so blessed, all in all, that I have those memories,” said Grace. “Hopefully maybe in some future, some clips will arise and people will get to enjoy a little bit of it. But for now, we’ll just have to keep it going as it going in comic folklore, I guess, with all of our memories and our stories while we can.”

Under the terms of Warner Bros. Discovery’s tax write-off, the company got a $20 million dollar credit for shelving the $90 million dollar film. At this point, it’s doubtful that it will ever be released in any form.

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