Singer & Arad on X3, Wolverine Spin-Off & More! caught up with X-Men series director Bryan Singer and Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad and asked about X-Men 3, the Wolverine spin-off, The Punisher, Blade: Trinity, Spider-Man 2 and Fantastic Four. Here’s a snippit from the article…

Arad said, “Well, if she told you we are prepping, we must be prepping.” A flabbergasted Singer said, “Uh, great! Awesome. I don’t think I can talk about it, but I’d like to [make X3] very much, so we’ll see if we can work it out.”

Stories reported that not only is Shuler-Donner planning X3, but a separate Wolverine film. Singer’s response to that was, “I don’t know. I think an X-men film is simultaneously a Wolverine film, so in my opinion that’s something that might happen afterwards, but ultimately I can’t even talk about it.” Arad added, “I think that both concepts are valid and both will be made.”

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